SYNERGY: Art into Fashion

The A. G. Leventis Gallery is presenting a unique exhibition that brings together contemporary fashion, creativity and the artworks from the Collections of the Gallery. The exhibition will take place from April until June 2022.

A special event –a precursor to the exhibition– took place on March 21 2022. The fashion show KIKA IOANNIDOU / MARIA NEOPTOLEMOU – SYNERGY organized by the Cyprus Red Cross – Nicosia Branch and hosted by the A. G. Leventis Gallery, gave the chance to the guests to enjoy the haute couture collection in a lively catwalk before the clothes take their final place in the Temporary Exhibition Hall.

The exhibition Synergy: Art into Fashion invites the viewer to get to know the collections of the A. G. Leventis Gallery and to see them as a source of inspiration for the creative dialogue between the distinguished fashion designer Kika Ioannidou and the businesswoman Maria Neoptolemou. During the pandemic, from the first lockdown in March 2020 until today, the pair designed an haute couture collection, each piece of clothing having as inspiration the history of art and the Collections of the Gallery.  Filep Motwary, a well-known fashion journalist and fashion curator, took on the role of the exhibition’s curator; an exhibition that can be seen as a hymn to creativity and to mankind’s love for the beautiful. Myrto Hatzaki, the A. G. Leventis Gallery’s Paris Collection curator, also acted as curator for the exhibition, focusing on the relationship between art and fashion and the past and the present, using examples from the history of European fashion.

ClientA. G. Leventis Gallery
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