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In 1932 two brothers in Morphou entered into a partnership to establish the company of Palaontas Bros with the aim of timber trading and the manufacturing of wooden tools. In 1950 one of the brothers, due to other commitments, sold his shares to Kyriacos Kyriakides from Famagusta and the company was renamed as Palaontas & Kyriakides.

our-profile-1The company under the efficient management had developed into a leading company of the area as well as the whole of Cyprus. During the year 1974 and just before the Turkish invasion and occupation of our premises, land and operations, the Company was active in the following trade:

Timber and building material including iron, glass, plastic pipes, ironmongery, paints, sanitary, ceramic tiles, etc.
Importing and distributing agricultural machinery and motor vehicles together with their spare parts.
In the field of services, the Company had an excellent reputation in insurances and service garage for their machinery and motor vehicles. A special department was dealing with household appliances, offering after sale service.

our-profile-2At the time, the Company was employing 30 people and was at the peak of its success. In August 1974, the home town of Morphou was occupied and all the inhabitants had to flee to the south to save their lives leaving behind everything that with so much effort was achieved. The Company had lost all fixed and current assets with a stock of material estimated at that time around 1 million Euros. It took four years of hardship to regain business and in 1978 restarts operations at a smaller scale in the capital of Nicosia. Priority was given to service the agricultural machinery in the non occupied area, provide insurance services and promote the timber trade.

At a later stage, the household appliances section was reactivated. In 1990, after careful study, it was decided for better administration to separate the activities of the Company into three categories/companies. The insurance services remained in the Company Palaontas & Kyriakides (Morphou) Ltd, the agricultural machinery was undertaken by “Palaontas & Son Ltd” and the timber and building material by “K. G. Kyriakides Ltd”.

our-profile-3The Company named as K. G. Kyriakides Ltd since its existence has established a good reputation in the Cyprus market due to the well trained personnel and the long experienced “Know how”. With these parameters today it has a good share of the market. It employees 20 people and increases its operations steadily.

Our motto is the fast and efficient service.
Our products consist of timber, wooden and laminated flooring, front door elements, melamine faced chipboards, etc.
Our customers are architects, civil engineers, designers, building constructors, developers, carpenters and the general public.

Our promise is to continue providing high quality products and excellent service.

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