Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset


The Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset could be the new marketing tool for every VR campaign as it is both easy to use, cheap and consumers can directly experience a product or venue in the most immersive way possible, without actually being there.

The Virtual Reality Headset, is the new gadget that will help you explore the Virtual Reality world by, creating a visually immersive experience, from the spectators view.


This simplicity but genius mechanism of the box and lenses can be used on any type of smartphone making it approachable for all target groups. (iOS and Android)

Therefore, based on our extensive experience in the field we urge you to go ahead and give the VR headset a chance, is an experience that should not be missed.

If you already have a VR headset and are viewing this on your smartphone, then you can explore the Virtual Reality of Cyprus Airways, Airbus A321-231 Aircraft.